Testimony of Boundaries


2 channel video installation
Film 1: 08’16”
Film 2: 14’35”


A lake is an ecosystem and, thus, a habitat for living things that exist in correlation with their environment. But what if the boundaries of this habitat are replaced? What happens when borders are closed, opened, or moved?

This artistic work (video and painting) deals with visible borders that are not recognized as such; borders that disappear and remain ambiguous in the shadows; boundaries that are difficult to grasp, or boundaries that have been artificially created. The overgrowth of algae on a lake and the increasing opacity or cloudiness in the body of water gradually create one such boundary. The video element of this work shows how a female figure stands in a body of water covered in thread algae that has overturned due to a lack of oxygen. The figure breaks the surface by stroking it with a stick, creating patterns and shapes.

The female figure standing in the middle of the lake and drawing borders by temporarily breaking the water’s surface seems almost like an alien component of this habitat. The body of the figure in this room dissolves or forms connections with the visible and invisible organic elements, developing a web of complex narratives. The lake becomes the picture, and the figure becomes part of this picture.

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