Video work / sound
Film 1: 11’12”
Film 2: 07’56”

Watercolor, chalk, acrylic, ink, charcoal and pencil on paper
Various formats


What languages do I speak? How do they affect me and certain situations? How do I know that the person opposite me understands me? These are the initial questions that led to Al-Sîndy’s work “Personae,” which was created in collaboration with Zeki Yildiz. Kurds from Iraq and Turkey, respectively, Al-Sîndy and Yildiz both speak several languages to different degrees, using them in ways that are dependent on the situation.

You were supposed to replace your language, unlearn it and forget it. You were supposed to learn a new language and then had a speech barrier in all languages. What happens when two people with a speech barriers meet.

Personae is a processual work, which approaches dimensions of multilingualism, the limitations of spoken languages and the effects of language politics on interpersonal relationships. In Personae, Havîn Al-Sîndy makes use of performative and pictorial means. Depending on the context, speaking is subject to narrow guidelines of topics that are addressed, attitudes that are taken or avoided. Restrictions are also placed on the length of the conversation and the duration of eye contact. Her work is an attempt to transcend the boundaries of language with the help of the own body and touch.