Attention Needed

Mouches Volantes, Cologne

Valerie Bayaina
“Attention Needed” (poetry slam performance)

Ja Jess
“Bonds” (performance)


“That’s quite normal that nobody wants to talk about it.”

They are omnipresent, in every form. Whether long or short, temporary or formative boundary violations. Powerlessness lies dormant in the basement, is sometimes broken open in private, only to be locked away again. We’re tearing down the curtain, that’s why we’re here.

Based on the collaboration between Theresa Katharina Horlacher, Nette Pieters and Havîn Al-Sîndy and their collection of diverse testimonies, a thematic framing develops in which the two artists Jana Jess and Valerie Bayaina are invited to the exhibition space Mouches Volantes.

Valerie Bayaina performed a daily poetry slam during the exhibition period, giving a voice to all those who otherwise tend to be overheard.

Ja Jess binds performers into Venus statuettes, questioning symbolism, objectification of bodies, and the interpretation of social gender. Furthermore, artists will be invited to a conversation on Saturday to share their stories, to talk about what everyone seems to know and yet never gets to talk about.

The Wolves