Digging Up, Burying, Burying and Digging Out


2 channel video installation
Digging In: 65’44”
Digging Out: 26′ 02″

Leaf in motion
Ink on paper, 200 × 600 cm


This work emerged through Al-Sindy’s interest in the topic of location and descriptions of location. In this work, earth became an artistic medium, because of the access to the material that she was afforded as a biologist.

The location of this work is the artist’s front yard, where she watched the development of drawings and the process of their decomposition. Al-Sindy buried sheets of paper measuring between 2×3 and 2×6 meters, documenting this in writing and on video. Between the time the paper is buried and dug out, two very important processes take place: the paper is stored and “matures” underground in different weather conditions over the span of a single day up to six months.

Testimony of Boundaries