Nanê rêk_ hard bread


Three-part installation:
Vases, 3-channel video, koçik oven

As part of Utopie Heimat


The artist Havîn Al-Sîndy centers her most recent work on the issue of the perception of, the awareness of and the relationship between mother and daughter and visualizes the process of dealing with memories. Her three-part installation features earthenware vessels hanging from the ceiling – witnesses of handcraft, relics, cultural artifacts. Bread in a Koçik oven fills the room with scent and stimulates the senses as well as possible memories of viewers. In her three-channel video, Havîn Al-Sîndy shows a composition of sequences of observations, of being engaged with the question of memory, and of the resulting potential generational differences.
 Al-Sîndy does not only engage in the visualization of practices and memories, but builds and deconstructs a memorial for mothers.

Photos: © Michael Kienzler