Plastic Flowers


2 channel video installation
Film: 10’07”


Who recognizes me, who do I remember? This collaborative work was created with the author Karosh Taha and is about the figure of a Mother (based on Taha’s novel “Beschreibung einer Krabbenwanderung” [“Description of Crab Migration], published by Dumont).

The names of the female figures include pictures, stories, and meaning. In this artistic work, a mother is given a voice in a high-rise building. She receives a face without showing her face. The video deals on the one hand with the language used by the women in Taha’s novel and on the other with the author’s use of language. For 18 years, this woman has lived in a high-rise building on the 20th floor. She describes her living space, her surreal rhythm in this skyscraper; she has had many names—and changed her name many times—before she arrived in Germany.

Mother / Uda